Pellety z drewna sosnowego 15kg

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Pine wood pellets class A1 Premium 6mm DIN+ plus and ENplus A1/A2 (wood pellets approved by

BSL in 15kg bags) Product
name: Wood pellets (Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm) Main materials: mixed pine wood and
various Diameter:
6-8mm Length: ≤40mm
Net calorific value (based on the received): Min.3980 Kcal/kg
Unit Volume Weight: min. 600
Humidity: 10%
Ash content: Max. 3.0%
Sulphur content: max. 0.05%
Chlorine: Max. 0.05%
Ash synthesis temperature, IDT min. 1150°C
Nitrogen content (in dry matter): Max. 0.5%
Packing: per ton bag 24 tons / 40'HC container;
Woven bag 25 kg, 24 tons / container
40'HC Without

packaging 26
tons / container
Below are the types
of wood: -Beech firewood
wood pellet -Bamboo
pellet -Birch wood
pellet -Cypriot wood
pellets - Wood pellets -Pine wood pellets -Fir wood pellets
-spruce wood pellets
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